Friday, January 15, 2010


Yeah yeah.. .I admit it. I am a SLACKER. I haven't updated in forever but a lot has changed for us recently. I have friends now. I joined a Richmond moms group and have playdates all the time. So the boys and I stay on the go! At night when I used to blog, I am now reading or crocheting. But I have promised myself to get back into blogging. I know I will never be able to keep up with daily stuff... but weekly I think I can handle!

Because I can't figure out how to link directly from facebook... here is the FB link....

Ahhhhhhhh, kids say the darndest things. And I do take full responsibility for this one. This is all me. I love that work. Use it all the time. Now I am trying to cut back! ;)

Oh and a little Jake for everyone too!!

Yep he is trying to walk.... a lot... all the time... he is sneaky too!